Types Of Acne & Treatment Options Available In Singapore

Acne problems and treatment by Indulgence Beauty

Acne is a universal skin issue that everyone would have at least experienced once in their lifetime, especially during puberty and sometimes even throughout adulthood. But did you know that there are different types of acne and they require varying treatment intensities and methods? 

Here is what you need to know about acne and treatment options available in Singapore – keep reading to find out more. 

The types of acne

1. Blackheads

Blackheads are open bumps on the skin that are filled with excess sebum and dead skin. They look like dark spots in your pores and are most commonly found on the nose. 

2. Whiteheads

Unlike blackheads which are open bumps, whiteheads are hair follicles or sebaceous glands that remain closed because of oil and dead skin. Bacteria gets trapped in your pores and hence, whiteheads are usually left alone even when you go for an acne facial so that impurities do not spread to other parts of the skin. Instead, using skincare products containing acne-fighting ingredients might help. 

3. Papules

Acne papules are small red bumps without a yellow or white centre of pus. While it can be tempting to pop papules, it is best to wait till a centre of pus forms before extraction to prevent bacteria from spreading. Instead, use a pimple patch to protect it from further trauma. 

4. Pustules

On the other hand, pustules are pimples that contain pus and may feel tender or sore to the touch. While they are usually ready to be popped if a centre of pus forms, it is still advisable to wait till your next acne facial appointment and leave extractions to a professional to prevent scarring. 

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Different types of facial acne

5. Fungal acne

While the previous four types of acne are more common and can be easily treated, fungal acne tends to be more serious and persistent. More commonly referred to as a skin condition rather than a type of acne, fungal acne occurs when hair follicles become itchy and inflamed due to excess yeast production. It does not just appear on the face, but can also affect the shoulders, back and neck. Oftentimes, specialised acne treatments are required to nip the problem in the bud. 

6. Nodules

Nodular acne is considered a severe type of acne that causes hard lumps of pimples under the skin. These bumps do not have a whitehead or blackhead centre, making them harder to treat. 

7. Cysts

Cystic acne presents itself as inflammatory, pus-filled pimples that form deep under the skin. It is one of the most painful types of acne and usually causes scarring after it has healed. Like fungal and nodular acne, more rigorous acne treatments are needed for cystic acne to improve. 

Acne treatments in Singapore

Acne facial treatment in Singapore by Indulgence Beauty

For less severe acne such as those in points 1 to 4, going for regular acne facials and using the right skincare products could make a difference. 

Acne facials offer deep cleansing properties to regulate your skin’s sebum production while extractions done by professionals are great for removing the gunk embedded in your pores. Look out for skincare products containing ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that will help to unclog pores and target bacteria. 

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But for more severe acne like those mentioned in points 5 to 7, seeing a dermatologist may be more beneficial. 

Topical creams are stronger to help attack bacteria and prevent new acne from forming, while oral medications may be prescribed to treat acne from the inside out. Other acne treatments such as lasers and chemical peels can work in tandem with creams and medications to fade acne scars at the same time. 

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