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Why You Shouldn’t Squeeze Your Blackheads

Blackheads appear on the skin as black spots caused by widened follicles containing sebum(oil), bacteria and dead cells. They are commonly black because sebum contains melanin which, when exposed to air oxidises and turns black. Blackheads are mainly caused by the overproduction of oil, which may be attributed to hormonal level changes especially during: Puberty Pregnancy [...]

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How Often Should You Go for Facial Treatments?

Facial treatments are a way to pamper yourself and treat your skin to some tender loving care after being constantly exposed to irritants such as dust and pollutants flying around in the air. Skincare enthusiasts go for routine facial treatment at least once a month to help clear their pores out. However, the length and number [...]

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Can Deep Cleansing Solve Your Acne Problem?

Try searching the internet for acne solutions and you will be offered with a hatful of links you find yourself lost in and confused on what to read. Another option that you may want to try is visiting a day spa to inquire and learn more about the services they are offering to treat your acne [...]

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Facial Treatment for a Sensitive Skin

Having a sensitive skin can sometimes be upsetting, especially when you realise that most celebrated facial treatments do not apply to you. It may also be stressful to navigate through the massive range of skin care products in the market to look for something suitable for your skin type. Signs and symptoms of sensitive skin include [...]

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How to Prevent Sunburns during this Festive Season

Spending the holiday season outdoor can be exciting, but getting and treating sunburn isn't. You may be planning to celebrate this festive season on beaches under the blazing sun. However, especially in Singapore's weather, you should make sure you protect your skin from the sun's rays that cause sunburns, cancer and may even make your skin [...]

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Check out the pictures and video from our 8th Anniversary Christmas Celebration 2017

We had celebrated 8th Anniversary last week and we had an awesome turn out from our vendors, media partners and most importantly our Customer Friends. All of you are the inspiration for us to continue providing the best treatment facial to all and also the high-quality skincare products MD Dermatics. We are SO thankful that many of you [...]

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Tips on How You Can Achieve a Baby Smooth Face

Once upon a time, we were all babies with soft, silky smooth and glowing skin. A beautiful sight to behold. However, over the years, our skin has lost its glory due to many factors, including these: Exposure to harsh weather Hormonal level changes due to puberty, pregnancy, stress and menopause. Daily routine. You can achieve a [...]

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How Your Skin is Affected by Singapore’s Weather

Singapore is a tropical country that experiences high levels of heat and humidity for 364 days a year. This comes with its fair share of challenges regarding skin health. Skin Health Challenges in Singapore Sunburn Singapore is sunny throughout the year. Your skin is exposed to UV rays that cause sunburns, which are red patches and [...]

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Facial Treatment and its Effects on the Skin

Modern salons will offer you much more than just a hairdo. Facial treatment is one of the most common additional services in salons and also in specialised skin care clinics. This is the process of removing germs caused by dirt, accumulated sebum and dead cells from the skin pores, hence opening the pores and reducing skin [...]

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First Impression Matters – Don’t Let Acne Affect You

Acne is very frustrating to individuals who value first impressions. We only want others to see us at our best. If you are facing any skin or acne problem, you should consider consulting professional services and getting a facial treatment in Singapore. However, many of us want a quick and easy fix to our acne. The question [...]

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Best Eyes Gua Sha Singapore

  The eyes are the window of the soul and the ability to see is treasure, thus is important to pamper our eyes. Eyes Gua Sha Treatment also known as Eyes Bo Jin Treatment is known by many to provide individuals using traditional Chinese Medicine technique to soothe, de-stress, relax the crucial area of [...]

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Habits to Avoid After Undergoing a Facial Treatment

A facial treatment is essential since it keeps your skin soft, radiant and refreshed. By using cleansers, appropriate medical guides, best facial acne treatments and medical grade skin care products, you can make your face glow and look beautiful. However, it very challenging to maintain that glowing look for the longest time possible after the facial [...]

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