Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment

Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment: Oxygen Facial in Singapore

The Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment (Oxygen Facial in Singapore) is the simplest method to have healthy skin that glows, and the best solution for your acne problems. This acne facial uses pure oxygen that will nourish, hydrate and restore your skin, turning a dull complexion into a soft and glowing one.

Oxygen is an essential element needed by our body to stay healthy and youthful. Imagine it as a fuel for our cells to function. Without adequate oxygen, our cells will weaken, causing dull skin and sagging skin. With our oxygen facial treatment, we can revive your skin by providing the very element that nurtures it.

For acne prone skin, the non-invasive and effective techniques used will fight your acne and reduce your scarring, giving your skin a bright and radiant glow. The gentleness of this facial makes it the best choice for those with sensitive skin that does not react well with harsh facial treatments. Hence, the Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment is the first step to having a flawless complexion

How does Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment work?

The Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment is the latest form of microdermabrasion oxygen facial that is non-invasive and has revolutionised methods for skin revitalisation. This innovative oxygen facial treatment uses both sterile saline and air to cleanse, moisturise and exfoliate the skin simultaneously. The facial treatment has an airbrush effect and delivers amazing results. This cleansing facial is gentle, will unclog your pores, and removes any makeup and dirt that was built up on the surface of your skin over time.

The process of this oxygen facial will start with the beautician double cleansing your face to ensure that all traces of your makeup are removed, and prepare your skin for the facial treatment. A skin analysis will be done to identify your current skin condition, with two pictures taken – one natural and one in ultra-violet. The pictures will help the beautician have a better idea of your skin problems, and customise the oxygen facial treatment for you.

The beautician will lightly exfoliate your skin, followed by a short steaming session before she carefully extracts your blackheads and/or whiteheads. Once your skin is fully prepared for the oxygen facial treatment, a contactless hand piece will be used to spray oxygen directly on your skin surface at a high pressure. As oxygen is antibacterial, it will have a cooling effect on your skin, calming down signs of redness. To end the treatment, the beautician will lightly massage your face, followed by a customised clay mask. After the oxygen facial treatment, your skin will be visibly smoother and more vibrant.

Our skilled beauticians are committed to providing you with a comfortable experience, and will gladly answer any questions you may have about the treatment. Contact us via the contact form provided, or even through email. Choose the best treatment for your acne problems today by going for the Oxy Liqui Facial.

Benefits of Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment

Ideal for various skin types.

Acne and acne scars.

Superficial facial peeling.

Improves wrinkles.

Age spots.

Sun-damaged skin.

Skin smoothing and polishing.

Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment FAQ

Using a unique hand-piece, the therapist will ‘scan’ your skin and gently ‘pressure wash’ it. Your skin will be cleansed, hydrated and nourished with nutrients. The oxygen facial treatment is painless; the jet feels cool and soothing. The gentle cleansing unclogs pores and removes debris that naturally build-up in your skin. The Jet also massages your skin and promotes circulation which is why your skin will look vibrant, smooth and younger.

The Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment ( Oxygen Anti-Acne Facial Treatment ) is the newest form of non-invasive microdermabrasion and has revolutionised skin revitalization. This oxygen facial treatment combines air and sterile saline, while simultaneously achieving deep cleansing, moisturising and exfoliation of the skin. The combination is delivered much like an airbrush treatment (mini pressure wash) and the effect is amazing. This gentle cleansing unclogs pores and removes dirt and makeup that can build up on the skin’s surface over time.

Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment is usually done in a series of sessions every 10–30 days. Schedule regular sessions afterward as needed.Regular sessions have proven to be helpful in maintaining customer’s skin conditions. There is no downtime to your skin and can return to normal activities after oxygen facial treatment.

Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment are mostly commonly performed on the face, neck and decollete. However, they can be easily administered to any body area requiring deep cleansing, smoothing and hydration. Acne oxygen facial treatments are often done for healing enhancement and deep cleansing.

Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment is highly effective in skin treatment improvement, wrinkle reduction, unwanted pigmentation removal and overall rejuvenation. This oxygen facial treatment is also very useful with blackheads, acne and other skin breakouts, clearing them quickly and painlessly.

Although most often used as a stand-alone treatment to correct a multitude of skin problems, oxygen facial can also be combined with either an Radio frequency (RF) Facial Treatment or LHE Radiancy Facial Treatment in the same treatment session for better results.