The Top 5 Acne Myths You Should Not Fall For

Keeping the Skin Hydrated

How often have we been told that acne is the result of us not washing our faces properly? It’s one of the most common myths perpetuated by the misinformed. In fact, it has been medically proven that acne is not just a hygiene issue, but also due to inflammation of the hair follicles and oil-producing (sebaceous) glands of the skin, according to a study conducted by Harvard.

Acne can be a stressful and depressing event, especially without the right acne treatment. False information perpetuated online can fuel these frustrations while dealing with acne. With that in mind, we shed light on some of the common myths about acne.

1. Acne is for teenagers

In many cases, especially for teens, acne can be caused by fluctuation of hormones. But this isn’t the only time in life where your body is at the mercy of your hormonal system: pregnancy and menopause are common culprits when it comes to adult acne. Your trusted MD dermatics in Singapore would tell you that acne starts in your teens and continues into adulthood “persistent acne.” Late-onset acne starts after age 25. Both are common.

2. Popping pimple helps

Popping, picking, or scratching a pimple is akin to sending out an open invitation for bacteria and infection. It is not something to be considered a DIY extraction facial. All these actions can lead to skin damage and scarring, so it’s best to take a hands-off approach to pimples and adult acne breakouts or leave it to the professionals

3. Oily skin and acne-prone skin doesn’t need a moisturiser

Moisturiser is an essential part of a healthy skincare regime, as it helps provide a protective barrier. Cleansing your skin twice a day, using a lightweight non-comedogenic moisturiser and exfoliating with a retinoid can help you fight clogged pores, acne pimples and inflammation.

4. Facial scrubs will help you beat acne

While facial scrubs and exfoliating cleansers can help slough away pore-clogging dead skin cells, they can also leave tiny cuts that can lead to inflammation and make your skin vulnerable to infection. This can lead to discolouration and scarring. If you want to exfoliate, it is best to consider extraction facial treatments in Singapore instead.

5. You need to avoid wearing makeup

There’s no need to avoid makeup if you have adult acne. In fact, camouflaging your breakout with concealer or foundation can boost your self-confidence. Just make sure that your products are labelled as “oil-free and non-comedogenic,” as these products lack the skin-clogging ingredients that can make your breakouts worse.

Ultimately, with these five myths debunked, it’s important to be wary of misinformation revolving around your skin health. An issue that deeply impacts self-confidence and esteem should be well-researched on to avoid any added, unnecessary worry and stress. As experts, we seek scientifically sound and data-driven information to best support our customers in their time of need when it comes to acne. 

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