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Best Acne Facial in Singapore

Your skin reflects your health! Give your skin an enjoyable and relaxing experience with our best facial treatment in Singapore along with other beauty treatments. As we wish to ensure that all our customers feel entirely at ease, we are focused on providing a high level of premier service that everyone can enjoy. Our friendly and professional team at Indulgence Beauty will always try their best to answer any enquiries you might have before your facial treatment, to guarantee your comfort.

Our Process


Understanding your skin concerns and desired results will help us to come up with a solution that can benefit you. As we know that certain skin problems can be demoralising, we will do our best to provide a meaningful consultation that can help you.


As we believe in proper skin diagnosis with scientific accuracy, your skin will be evaluated with the latest medical-aesthetic grade computerised skin analysis machine from Korea.


Based on your skin concerns, desired results and skin assessment, we will recommend salon treatments and home care treatments to address your skin concerns. With our facial treatments, including extraction facials, you will be one step closer to achieving your desired results and prevent your skin problems from recurring..


You will learn how to manage your skin through a home care treatment regimen, and how to resolve your skin concerns.

Best Extraction Facial in Singapore


Signature Treatments

While the average extraction treatment facials in Singapore are a dime a dozen, an aesthetic clinic needs more than just the typical beauty products to stand out. Our facial treatments incorporate the latest technology to help your skin be in its best possible condition one session at a time! Apart from our signature extraction treatment facial, another one of the best facial treatments we provide is the Oxy Liqui Treatment facial to help resolve a multitude of skin concerns at the same time

Recommended Skin Care Products Range


Our Recommendations

We specialise in providing excellent service for beauty, skin care and clinical facial treatments. As we only use the most effective products from MD Dermatics Skin Care and advanced technologies, we have treated a variety of different skin imperfections and conditions. From skin problems like acne, dull skin to ageing skin, we have a broad range of various facial treatments to help revitalise your skin and acne treatment to treat your acne.

Safe and Effective

MD Dermatics products are only prescribed to medical professionals that meet the required medical standard, which makes it a reliable choice for your skincare concerns.

Skin Care Experts

By integrating advanced science and beauty into one brand, the company has become one of Asia’s most renowned brands as a solution for aesthetic skin concerns.

Quality and Innovation

The unique packaging results in the products having a low oxidation rate, which means that the effectiveness of the product will last longer as compared to average skin care products.

Compatible with Aesthetic Procedures

The skin care products from MD Dermatics are suitable for those that went through cosmetic procedures like plastic and laser surgery.

International Presence

Currently sold to many countries throughout Asia  such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, and even in the United States.

Constant Progress

With just seven products, in the beginning, the MD Dermatics product range has grown to over 40 different products, with new products launched annually.

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We are passionate about helping you to restore your skin to optimal skin health that the average beauty salons in Singapore cannot achieve. With our extensive experience and knowledge in skin health, coupled with the latest advancements in skin science, you will be in the very best of hands. Our excellent results are easily apparent, with many satisfied customers leaving positive reviews regarding our services.

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Acne vulgaris or as we commonly call it acne is a chronic skin condition that affects approximately 85% of beings at some point of their lives.

Acne facials are a series of treatment designed to the causative agent of acne without having an uncontrollable adverse effect.

As an inflammatory skin condition, acne has the tendency to spread across the body, especially on the face.