Light at the End of the Tunnel: Advanced Solutions for Back Acne

Advanced solutions for back acne

Back acne, which is also known medically—and perhaps colloquially—as bacne, is a persistent problem for many individuals unfortunate enough to experience it. Unlike face acne, bacne is arguably harder to treat as it is much more difficult to reach without enlisting the help of someone else, making it potentially more distressing of the two. The good news, however, is that advanced solutions for back acne are more widely available today, and if you’re exploring options for back acne treatment in Singapore, then read on to learn more about some examples of these modern solutions.

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Understanding Laser Therapy

Image of laser therapy

In recent years, laser therapy has emerged as a promising back acne treatment in Singapore, and it’s not as intimidating as it may sound! The process involves the use of laser light to target the bacteria responsible for acne and reduce inflammation. The laser then penetrates the skin, promoting collagen production and accelerating the healing process. This is a targeted and precise approach that minimises damage to the surrounding skin, ensuring that only the affected areas are treated.

Laser therapy typically starts with a consultation with a licensed professional who will assess the severity of your bacne. During the session, a handheld laser device will be used to deliver controlled pulses of light to the affected areas, which are promptly absorbed by the pigments in the acne-causing bacteria, destroying them. Additionally, laser therapy is suitable for both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT): Harnessing the Power of Light and Photosensitisers

Image of PDT

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is an innovative back acne treatment in Singapore that utilises a photosensitising agent, typically a topical solution, which is applied to the skin. After a predetermined incubation period, the treated area is then exposed to specific wavelengths of light which activate the photosensitiser, resulting in a reaction that helps destroy acne lesions.

PDT is particularly effective for larger areas of bacne and is known for its ability to not only address existing lesions; but also prevent future breakouts. It is a versatile therapy that can be customised based on the severity of your condition.

Treatment Experience: Navigating the Sessions with Confidence

Image of someone with bacne being assessed by a professional

If you’re considering getting laser therapy or PDT as a first-timer, you may be wondering about the treatment experience. Similar to other acne treatments like acne facial in Singapore, they are also typically conducted in a clinical setting, and the duration may vary depending on the extent of your acne, and which procedure you’re going with. Laser sessions, for instance, are relatively quick and only last 30 minutes to an hour; PDT, on the other hand, may require a longer time due to the incubation period.

During the sessions, you may experience a warm sensation of mild discomfort, but the procedures are generally well-tolerated. In fact, you’ll probably be able to resume your regular activities immediately after treatment, making these solutions highly convenient for those with busy schedules and can’t afford a period on the sidelines.

Post-Treatment Care: Nurturing Clear and Radiant Skin

Image of sunscreen on one's back

Treatments like extraction facials in Singapore require post-treatment care, and procedures like laser therapy and PDT are no different. One of the most critical post-treatment steps is to ensure that you receive adequate sun protection, as your skin may be more sensitive to sunlight. We also recommend using sunscreen with high SPF whilst limiting sun exposure, especially in the days following the treatment.

Additionally, you may want to consider adopting a suitable skincare routine to enhance and maintain the results of your skincare treatment. Moisturise the treated areas regularly and avoid harsh skincare products to extradite the healing process. Lastly, schedule regular follow-up appointments with skincare professionals who can track your progress and provide personalised guidance on skincare products you can use.

Here at Indulgence Beauty, our team of licensed skincare experts will guide you through every step of our wide array of treatment plans, ensuring that you receive the best possible care throughout the process from start to finish. Besides back acne treatment, we also offer a Singapore facial promotion that lets you try our signature extraction facial for a fraction of the original price, allowing you to ascertain for yourself if the treatment is right for you. If you’d like to learn more about our services, please contact us today.