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Signature Acne Treatment Facial Promotion

Signature Acne Treatment Facial

Have you already tried using every available method to get rid of your acne but with no success? Our Acne Experts Would Like To Meet Up With You. Have you encountered these?

  • Were you assured that an all-natural dermatologist acne program, TCM or home care acne treatment product was to going to make your skin clear and spotless? Only to end up trying it and realising that it was futile?
  • Every product that you have tried previously either made your skin irritated, dry and peeling or even more sensitive that you just couldn’t tolerate it anymore?
  • Discovered an acne product from your local department or online stores that actually works but just for a short while because the acne eventually returns?
  • Got prescribed antibiotics or other types of products by your doctor or dermatologist which only served as a temporary solution because your skin started breaking out again?

Do not wait for any further and immediately get in touch with our experts from Singapore who know all about your unique skin and will do their best to put together a suitable acne treatment program to help reduce your acne and eventually treat it. Together, we promise to work closely with you to achieve clearer and healthier skin.

How we perform Acne Extraction?

Identifying pore clusters

Our specialists will identify skin clusters accurately and perform the extraction minimizing bruising and redness to your skin.

Opening the pores

It is necessary to create a pathway for the sebum or comedones to come out freely.

Applying the right amount of pressure

This is an important aspect of the acne extraction process. Hence, they tend to apply too much pressure in the wrong spot and cause severe skin damage.

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About Acne Extraction

In Singapore, acne extraction is considered as one of the most effective methods of treating acne, minimize its spread and the appearance of clogged pores. The process of extraction remove the whiteheads and blackheads so your skin will always look clean, fresh and healthy every day. We all know how cumbersome it is to get rid of acne but the most common problem we see on a daily basis is the severe damage one to the skin when trying to remove acne at home. Most people, in a bid to get rid of them at all cost; begin to squeeze out the pimple and thereby to cause some damage to their skin. Such damages tend to be very serious and might include visible acne scars, bacterial infections, and increased level of inflammation. This is due to applying more than enough pressure on the skin, failure to identify the pore direction and trying to eliminate a pimple that has gone too deep into the skin.

Why do Acne form?

Acne usually forms because of the appearance of hair follicles and pores. Your skin makes use of all these many tiny pores to get rid of undesirable substances like oils and sweat coming from the body. Excluding the palms of your hand and soles of your feet, one of the main causes of the unexpected increase in acne is due to the network of small sebaceous glands found on all parts of the human body. The sebaceous gland is behind the secretion of oil, also called sebum. It aids the regulation of the skin by making sure it is healthy and putting up a barrier to disallow bacteria and dirt from getting into the body. However, a sebaceous gland will usually become too active and create too much sebum. As a result, pores with dirt and bacteria and the hair follicles become clogged, which will lead to an eventual breakout. But in most cases, it usually does not have any relation with sebaceous glands because it could be a result of the skin’s inability to ensure the pores are cleaned out thoroughly and this build plugs that get caught up in the serum.

Non Inflamed Acne

Sebum appears as a result of the formation of sebaceous glands which comes in contact with the grease that seeps out from the hair follicle to fill the cells up. The moment the follicle has been completely filled up, the sebum will be spread all over the surface of the skin, resulting in an oily face. As long as the procedure works as how it normally does, the skin will be oiled properly and remain healthy. However, if it fails to work out as planned, it might result in the skin becoming too dry or oily, and overly oily skin will allow acne to form.

As the skin cells or corneocytes are treated while they are stored in the pore instead of coming out to make sure the skin does not become too oily unnecessarily. The majority of skin cells only form right at the surface of the pore and not around the bottom part area.

There is an increased level of sebum being produced.

Once it reaches this stage, the external part of the pore looks particularly normal. However, there are some distinct differences in the cells right around the pore which might be seeable or not. The fluid inside the pore will start to build up, creating a bottleneck which stops peeling off. In medical terms, this stage is known as microcomedone.

Bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, also known as P. acnes, can be located inside the pores. It uses sebum as nutrients to grow. With an increased level of sebum produced, the number of P.acnes bacteria found in the pore also starts increasing. In the microcomedone stage, the following bacteria do not result in any kind of infection as they are the sole substance found in the pore which under no circumstances, cause any infection to the skin.

In the sebaceous gland and shredded skin cells called corneocytes will create a thick and solid substance. A closed comedone, also called a whitehead (as it consists of a white substance) appears when the hole of the pore is narrow or closed.

Once the sebaceous beings building up, the cells near the pore will start to swell. Whitehead may either be uninfected or infected as it really depends if the other cells all around the pore will be infected by the P.acnes bacteria.

The cells around the pore will start to become swollen when the sebaceous substance builds up. Blackheads may either be uninfected or infected depending on whether the other cells surrounding the pore will be affected by the P.acnes.

Corneocytes are sebum from dry skin cells and the sebaceous gland, they change and form a solid and thick substance. Once the hole of the pore is exposed to the air and opened up, it becomes an open comedone, also known as blackhead (as it comprises of black substance)

Inflamed Acne

The dry skin cells and sebaceous glands produce sebum which is also called corneocytes. They build up and apply pressure on the cells around the pore.

With enough force applied, the pore will split up and the sebaceous liquid will spill all around the skin. Moreover, as the sebaceous substance contains plenty of P.acne bacteria, the skin surrounding the pore will get infected and a red bump, also known as a typical pimple will form. Medically, it is more properly known as an inflammatory papule.

A pimple and a pustule are two separate things as a pustule has white blood cells in it. The immune system fights off the P.acne infection, and at certain points, the white blood cells which are part of the immune system will multiply and create pus (also known as a pustule) in the pore.

We are aware of what part of the immune system form pustules and pimples, but are unsure of the actual reason why these certain pimples or pustules contain pus in them while why some others don’t contain it. It can only be looked at from a scientific approach as both pimples and pustules are treated in the same manner.

In most cases when the bacteria or sebaceous substance begins to flow onto the surrounding the skin, the infection will start to spread much deeper and wider, resulting in scars and the formation of cysts or nodules. These are the kinds of deep acne which can become very aching and has no reaction to over-the-counter methods or treatments.

Signature Acne Treatment Facial Promotion

( aka Acne Treatment Facial )

  • Suitable for all skin type
  • Best for Inflamed and Non-Inflamed Acne Skin

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