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  • Had been promised numerous times that a natural, TCM or dermatologist acne treatment program or home care acne treatment product going to clear your skin. Tried it BUT it didn’t work?
  • All those products you have tried before made your skin so sensitive, irritated, dry and peeling that you just couldn’t take it any longer AND acne probably were still breaking out?
  • Had found an acne product from the shopping mall counters or online stores that actually works! BUT for a short while only AND the acne comes back right away!
  • Your dermatologist or doctor prescribed antibiotics or even Accutane or something equivalents, may had your acne cleared for a while BUT it started breaking out again!

PLEASE !!! Do not wait anymore, it is time to connect with our Specialist who will understand your unique skin and plan an acne treatment program to treat and reduce your acne. We promise to work with you every step towards a better and clearer SKIN HEALTH.

Signature Extraction Treatment Facial

( aka Acne Extraction Treatment Facial )

  • Suitable for all skin type

  • Best for Inflamed and Non-Inflamed Acne Skin

At Indulgence Beauty, we adopt and are trained using only the advanced techniques of facial extraction that involve using the fingers to manipulate the skin around the clogged pores, this compels the blackheads and whiteheads in to be expelled. Pressure is applied with the fingers at different angles around the affected pore until the blackheads and whiteheads are expelled.

About Acne Extraction

Acne extraction is consider as one of the most effective methods of treating acne, minimize its spread and the appearance of clogged pores. The process of extraction remove the whiteheads and blackheads so your skin will always look clean, fresh and healthy every day.

We all know how cumbersome it is to get rid of acne but the most common problem we see on a daily basis is the severe damage one to the skin when trying to remove acne at home. Most people, in a bid to get rid of them at all cost; begin to squeeze out the pimple and thereby to cause some damage to their skin. Such damages tend to be very serious and might include visible acne scars, bacterial infections, and increased level of inflammation.

This is due to applying more than enough pressure on the skin, failure to identify the pore direction and trying to eliminate a pimple that has gone too deep into the skin.


Acne are form in the presence of pores and hair follicles. There are many tiny pores that your skin uses to eliminate unwanted substances such as sweat and oils from the body. One primary cause of the sudden spread of acne is the network of tiny sebaceous glands on all parts of the body, excluding the soles of your feet and the palms of your hand.

This gland is responsible for the secretion of oil known as sebum. This help to regulate the skin by keeping it healthy and forming a barrier to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering the body. But most times, a sebaceous gland might become overactive and produce too much sebum. This will result in the clogging of the hair follicles and pores with bacteria and dirt, and it leads to a breakout eventually. But most times, it got nothing to do with the sebaceous gland as it could be caused by the inability of the skin to clean pores thoroughly and this produces plugs that trap in the serum.

Non Inflamed Acne

Sebum is formed by the sebaceous gland which mixes with the oil which comes out from the hair follicle to fill up the cells. Once the follicle has been filled up, the sebum spreads all over the skin surface, which makes the face oily. If this procedure works normally, this is when the skin is oiled and stay healthy. But when the process does work as planned, then the skin can either become too dry or too oily, too oily which gives room for acne to be formed.

Corneocytes or skin cells grow into being more sticky as they are treated they store in the pore instead of coming out to stop the skin from being unnecessarily oily. Most skin cells are formed at the top of the pore and not at the bottom part.

The level of Sebum produced is increased.

At this stage, the outside pore looks normal, but there are some clear differences in the cells around the pore which can either be seen or not. As the fluid in the pore forms up, it produces a bottleneck which stops shedding off. Medically, this stage is referred to as microcomedone.

The bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, which is called P. acnes, can be found in the pores. It needs sebum as a source of nutrient for its growth. As the level of sebum produced increases, the amount of P.acnes bacteria in the pore also increases. During the microcomedone stage, these bacteria do not cause any form of infection because they are still the only substance inside the pore which gives them no means of infecting the skin.

The sebum from the sebaceous gland and shredded skin cells are called corneocytes, and they form a solid and thick substance. When the hole of the pore is closed or narrow, it is called a closed comedone, also known as whitehead (since it contains a white substance).

As the sebaceous substance forms, cells around the pore begins to swell. Whitehead may be infected or not infected, the Infection of whiteheads depends on if the P.acnes bacteria can infect other cells surrounding the pore.

When the sebaceous substance forms, the cells surrounding the pore become swollen. Blackheads may or not be infected depending on if the P.acnes can infect other cells around the pore.

The sebum from the sebaceous gland and dry skin cells are known as corneocytes, they change and become a thick and solid substance. When the hole of the pore is open and exposed to the air, then it becomes an open comedone, which is called Blackhead (because the pore color contains black substance).

Inflamed Acne

The sebum from the sebaceous glands and dry skin cells are also known as corneocytes. They form and put pressure on the cells around the pore.

If enough force is applied, the pore splits, and the sebaceous substance spills on the surrounding skin. Since the sebaceous substance consists a lot of P.acne bacteria, the skin around the pore gets infected, and a red bump is formed (which is usually referred to as a typical pimple).In medical terms, this red bump is called an inflammatory papule.

A pustule is not the same as a pimple because a pustule contains white blood cells. The immune system combats the P.acne infection, at times the white blood cells (part of the immune system) multiply, which forms a pus in the pore known as a pustule.

We know what part of the immune system form pimples and pustules, but the reason why some of these pustules or pimples have pus in them and why others don’t have it. This can only be seen from a scientific approach because pustules and pimples are both treated the same way.

Most times when the sebaceous substance and bacteria flow on the surrounding skin, this makes the infection spreads deeper and wider, causing scars and the forming nodules or cysts. These are the type of deep acne which is very aching and does not respond to over-the-counter treatments


How we perform Acne Extraction?

– Identifying pore clusters

Our specialists will identify skin clusters accurately and perform the extraction minimizing bruising and redness to your skin.

– Opening the pores

It is necessary to create a pathway for the sebum or comedones to come out freely.

– Applying the right amount of pressure

This is an important aspect of the acne extraction process. Hence, they tend to apply too much pressure in the wrong spot and cause severe skin damage.

Our specialists are very meticulous when performing acne extraction, so the possibility redness or bruises is greatly minimized.

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