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Look Beyond Your Surface

Indulgence Beauty prides itself on ensuring that all our customers undergo treatments that are targeted for their particular skin condition, to ensure that they can see the most effective results. Our advanced Digital Skin Analysis System in Singapore makes it possible to scan and record your skin surface and subsurface skin conditions such as:

Spots (pigmentation, freckles, vascular lesions)



Evenness (colour variation in the skin tone)

UV spots (subsurface sun damage)

Skin Care Regime for Optimal Skin Health

Fine Skin Analysis at International Plaza Singapore

At Indulgence Beauty, we are focused on helping you to achieve the beautiful skin you have always dreamed of having.
Allow us to suggest and provide you with a skin care regimen that will help you to achieve optimal fine skin health and maintain the appearance of your skin.
To learn more about the different skin characteristics, and the treatments we recommend for each, you can read the information provided below.
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Advanced Digital Analysis

The entire skin analysis process is usually completed within 10 to 20 minutes and involves taking two digital images, one natural and one ultra-violet, in the specially designed machine. An advanced computer program will then analyse the images of your skin and identify your personal skin characteristics and conditions. Examples of skin characteristics will include dry skin, oily skin and more. Although you may already have an idea of your skin characteristics, going through a skin analysis in Singapore will help you learn more details about your skin.

Specialised Skin Consultancy

Our specialised skin consultant will review and discuss the results of the digital skin analysis with you. She will then provide you with advice on how to improve the condition of your fine skin and/or how to maintain its appearance or prevent your skin problems from worsening. The advice and recommendations may include facial treatments and/or the use of professional MD Dermatics home care products. As each skin condition will need a different treatment method, it is essential that the skin consultant is aware of your particular skin condition before making any recommendations.

Custom Recommendations

Upon completion of the analysis and consultation, we will provide you with a customised facial treatment and recommend certain MD Dermatics products to improve your fine skin condition. With our recommendations, you will be one step closer to having clearer, brighter, more youthful and radiant fine skin.

Choose Indulgence Beauty for your facial needs to revitalise your skin. Book your complimentary Digital Skin Analysis in Singapore today to establish the current condition of your skin.

Normal Skin

Facial Treatment

Normal skin is in a well-balanced state of suppleness, elasticity, hydration and color and feels soft and smooth to touch. Rarely break outs and feels comfortable after cleansing, neither tight nor dry. However, normal skin can change due to poor skincare regime, excessive sun, wind or cold exposure. Having a poor diet and lifestyle can take their toll too.

Dry Skin

Facial Treatment

Dry Skin is often characterized by feelings of tightness due to a lack of sebum or oil. It has fine texture with no visible pores and at times may be rough and scaly in areas, it also shows lines and wrinkles easily. It rarely suffers breakouts. The problem lies in the poor epidermal function and damage to the lipid barrier. As the levels of natural lipids and oils drop, the skin’s ability to retain water also reduced, leaving the skin dry and often dehydrated.

Sensitive Skin

Facial Treatment

Skin can be sensitive due to multitude factors which include environmental and sun damage. Sensitive skin can be really difficult to work with as it can be very prone to acne / inflammation or dry patches. Highly reactive to specific products / ingredient which might cause breakout and redness to the face with the slightest usage.

Oily Skin

Facial Treatment

Oily or greasy skin is particularly common in teenagers and also young adults. A result of excessive productions of sebum, it is characterized by a shiny appearance to the T-zone area. The epidermis teds to thicken and the pores dilate, thus giving the skin a slightly rough and irregular texture. It is also more likely to suffer from acne and spots.

Combination Skin

Facial Treatment

There are two forms of combination skin, the oily & normal and also dry / normal. For the oily & normal combination skin, the T-zone is oily while other area of the face is normal. While the dry / normal combination skin, the T-zone may be normal but with dry patches on the cheeks.

Acne Skin

Facial Treatment

Acne is a common skin condition and breakouts at all ages have become very common than ever. It is characterized by breakouts of pimples, whiteheads and blackheads, and at times can cause scarring. Environmental factors such as haze, pollution and weather, and even bacteria from mobile phone use can cause havoc on the skin. When men and women age, hormonal level tend to fluctuate thus leading to breakouts.

Matured and Aging Skin

Facial Treatment

Matured and aging skin is attributed by multiple factors such as sun & weather exposure, stressful lifestyle and some genetic factors into aging skin. These factors often cause collagen breakdown & dehydration to the skin cells and also loss of elasticity that accelerate pre-mature aging.


Facial Treatment

Hyperpigmentation and melasma is due to excessive production of melanin or dark and brown patches on the skin and it often occurs due to sun damage or a shift in hormonal levels. It can also be caused by several factors such as aging, stress, medication or pregnancy.

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