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Product Description

The MD Dermatics Advanced Acne System treats and prevents Acne and other pore related concerns by using 3 powerfully effective methods working together.

1. Eliminates

Oxygen is introduced into the pore, killing the Acne bacteria that cannot survive in an oxygen environment, greatly reducing the amount of breakouts that occur.

2. Cleans

Skin surface and pores are kept clean and unclogged, leaving the Acne bacteria homeless.

3. Starves

Oil (Sebum) control is regulated, preventing excessive oil from being produced, which prevents clogging of the pores.



Acne & Pore Treatment Program

Key Benefits

– One single set to treat Acne & Pore Concerns
– Treats Acne using a unique 3-pronged method for treatment.
– Suitable for all genders, age and skin types

Key Abilities

  1. Cleans surface dirt, oil and grime.
  2. Clear pores and pore walls.
  3. Attacks source of bacteria directly.
  4. Regulates oil production.
  5. Promotes cellular renewal.
  6. Soothes acne-inflamed skin.

The new acne range combines a mixture of proven ingredients and MD Dermatics unique formulations to treat and prevent further onset of acne concerns. Salicylic acid and Benzyl Peroxide are introduced into the patient’s regiment to provide pore clearing, cell turnover and acne fighting properties enhancing the already capable effects of their acne range, prolonging a patient’s protection against reoccurrence.

Once acne concerns have been addressed, patients move on to the Skin Rebirth System to repair any skin damages that may have occurred during the acne infection stages, leaving the skin smooth and free from problems.

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