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Normal Skin

Normal skin is in a well-balanced state of suppleness, elasticity, hydration and color and feels soft and smooth to touch. Rarely break outs and feels comfortable after cleansing, neither tight nor dry. However, normal skin can change due to poor skincare regime, excessive sun, wind or cold exposure. Having a poor diet and lifestyle can take their toll too.



Healthy and balanced, smooth to touch

1. Soft and luminous
2. Smaller pores; free of congestion
3. Not characterized by spots and sun damage
4. Even tone and texture; firm and elastic


Skin Health Objectives

1. Maintains the health and balance of the skin
2. Keeps skin texture firm and healthy
3. Prevents fine lines and wrinkles from forming


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know your skin is normal?

Normal skin is a skin type that lacks the qualities commonly associated with other skin types including oiliness, acne-prone, dull, dry, or sagging. A normal skin therefore has less sensitivity, does not often have breakouts, and has less visible pores.

What should I do if I have normal skin?

A normal skin might just be the wish of most women in Singapore and the rest of the world. If you are gifted with normal skin, you have to take care of it using the proven formula “cleanse + tone + moisturize”. It will help clear away the dirt that sits through your pores on a daily basis.

What should a normal skin routine be?

The most popular beauty routine that is very much applicable to normal skin is the cleanse + tone + moisturize. You should cleanse your face at least twice a day with a mild facial cleanser, tone with your preferred toner and moisturize to keep from drying.

What is normal skin texture?

Normal skin is often soft and doesn’t have the rough texture common to dry skin. It is also bouncy and has a visible glow and radiance that can be easily told apart from other skin types.

Is normal skin good?

Normal skin is good, in fact, it is the most favoured skin type by most women in Singapore and across the world. Since normal skin is low maintenance, you will not find it difficult to choose a beauty routine that will work for you even with a busy schedule.

Is normal skin rare?

Normal skin is actually a term used by beauty product manufacturers as a guide for the right beauty product for a skin type that is less sensitive and looks very healthy. However, normal skin in reality is very rare if not impossible.


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