perfect facial skin

Mature and Aging Skin

Matured and aging skin is attributed by multiple factors such as sun & weather exposure, stressful lifestyle and some genetic factors into aging skin. These factors often cause collagen breakdown & dehydration to the skin cells and also loss of elasticity that accelerate pre-mature aging.



1. Generally characterized with a thinning of the skin, loss of elasticity and skin tone
2. Fine lines around the eyes and lip area
3. Deeper lines formed around the mouth and forehead
4. Often have eye bags and dark circles
5. Skin are often dry


Skin Health Objectives

1. Restores youthful radiance and overall texture to the skin complexion
2. Reduces fine lines and adds plump / volume to the skin
3. Increases collagen and elastic levels with the dermis
4. Promotes tightness of skin and brightens the under eye area


Home Care Recommendation

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