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Hyper-Pigmentation Skin

Hyperpigmentation and melasma is due to excessive production of melanin or dark and brown patches on the skin and it often occurs due to sun damage or a shift in hormonal levels. It can also be caused by several factors such as aging, stress, medication or pregnancy.



1. Skin has darker, brownish pigment spots at certain areas
2. Often caused by sun exposure or hormonal fluctuation due to pregnancy
3. Pigment spots can be light or dark


Skin Health Objectives

1. Lightens pigmentation and sun spots
2. Promotes even skin color and tone
3. Prevents and inhabits future spots from forming


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hyperpigmentation skin?

Hyperpigmentation is a frequent, usually harmless disorder in which patches of skin darken in color in comparison to the surrounding skin. When an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that gives skin its color, develops deposits in the skin, it darkens.

What does hyper pigmentation look like?

Hyperpigmentation shows on the skin as darkening patches or dark spots that make the skin seem uneven. Hyperpigmentation is also at the root of skin diseases such as melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and the patches are known as sun damage.

What is the main cause of hyper skin pigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is caused by an increase in the level of a hormone in your body, which causes an increase in melanin synthesis. An increase in melanin can also be caused by too much sun exposure.

Which treatment is best for pigmentation?

In this instance, dermatological procedures will be the most efficient technique to eliminate hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels, laser therapy, microdermabrasion, and dermabrasion are all techniques for removing hyperpigmentation from the skin.

Can pigmentation be removed completely?

Hyperpigmentation is a non-cancerous skin disorder that can be treated with skin care, lotions, and home remedies.

How long does it take for hyperpigmentation to go away?

It’s important to remember that hyperpigmentation doesn’t always vanish. Some hyperpigmentation will be persistent, even with treatment. It can take 3 to 24 months to observe any improvement without any treatment.


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