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Dry Skin

Dry Skin is often characterized by feelings of tightness due to a lack of sebum or oil. It has fine texture with no visible pores and at times may be rough and scaly in areas, it also shows lines and wrinkles easily. It rarely suffers breakouts. The problem lies in the poor epidermal function and damage to the lipid barrier. As the levels of natural lipids and oils drop, the skin’s ability to retain water also reduced, leaving the skin dry and often dehydrated.



1. Lack of natural oil / sebum and hydration
2. Characterized by fine lines and general dullness
3. Have dry patches and can be flaky at times
4. Pores are tend to be small
5. Lips are chapped at times


Skin Health Objectives

1. Improves the hydration and luminosity of skin
2. Gets skin glowing
3. Reduces fine lines caused by dehydration
4. Plumps up skin cells and reduces irritation caused by dryness


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dry skin?

Dry skin is skin that lacks adequate moisture to feel supple. Rough-feeling areas that flake off or seem scaly are common in people with dry skin. It could be irritating or not. Dry skin that is extremely dry might split and bleed.

What causes dry skin?

Adults over the age of 50 are more likely to acquire dry skin. Your pores naturally generate less oil as you get older, increasing your risk of dry skin. During the fall and winter months, when humidity levels are low, dry skin is more typical. Higher humidity levels in the summer keep your skin from drying out. Bathing frequently or washing with really hot water increases your chances of developing dry skin.

What happens if you leave your skin dry?

Scaling, itching, and cracking are all symptoms of dry skin, which is a bothersome condition. It can happen for a number of reasons. It’s possible that you have naturally dry skin. Drying your skin over an extended period of time can lead to cracks and bleeding.

What can happen if dry skin is left untreated?

Dry skin causes scaling, itching, and cracking, which is a distressing condition. It can occur for a variety of causes. It’s possible that you have dry skin by nature. When you dry your skin for an extended amount of time, it might split and bleed.

How do you stop dry skin?

Moisturizing your skin is crucial to stop your skin from drying out. A good way to do this is to use cosmetic moisturizer or keep your skin dipped in the water some time after every bath.

How is dry skin treatment?

You should always consult your skin care specialist before applying skin treatment for your dry skin. As dry skin might be caused by several circumstances, one beauty product may not actually solve your problem.


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