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Dry Skin

Dry Skin is often characterized by feelings of tightness due to a lack of sebum or oil. It has fine texture with no visible pores and at times may be rough and scaly in areas, it also shows lines and wrinkles easily. It rarely suffers breakouts. The problem lies in the poor epidermal function and damage to the lipid barrier. As the levels of natural lipids and oils drop, the skin’s ability to retain water also reduced, leaving the skin dry and often dehydrated.



1. Lack of natural oil / sebum and hydration
2. Characterized by fine lines and general dullness
3. Have dry patches and can be flaky at times
4. Pores are tend to be small
5. Lips are chapped at times


Skin Health Objectives

1. Improves the hydration and luminosity of skin
2. Gets skin glowing
3. Reduces fine lines caused by dehydration
4. Plumps up skin cells and reduces irritation caused by dryness


Home Care Recommendation

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