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///Skin Rebirth System | MD Dermatics

Skin Rebirth System | MD Dermatics


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Designed by Dermatologists and developed by skin scientists, The MD DERMATICS® Skin Rebirth System offers an All-In-One Treatment Program comprising of various skincare products to help treat a variety of skin concerns. They are FDA-approved, and made under high quality standards and stringent controls in United States laboratories. The system’s range of skin products is formulated with a unique blend of botanical extracts that are designed to bring the skin’s health to an optimum level. This helps to alleviate the wide range of skin problems that many people experience today. Some of the program’s benefits include exfoliation of dead skin cells, normalising sebum production for healthy hydration and strengthening skin barrier function for a healthier epidermis layer.

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The go-to choice for medical professionals, dermatologists and professional aestheticians, the DERMATICS® Skin Rebirth System can treat a variety of skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, age spots, and dull skin tone. Available in Singapore, this all-in-one program offers a seamless solution to tackle skin issues, comprising of various skincare products for day and night time use. It has been proven to work deeper and penetrate the skin’s surface by targeting the problems at their root cause. At the same time, it stimulates new cell regeneration and fortifies the skin for a renewed complexion.

12 reviews for Skin Rebirth System | MD Dermatics

  1. Ashley Chin

    Very effective, great products!!

  2. Doreen Hon

    I’m now on my 2nd Skin Rebirth Set already and now I can’t live without these products.
    After using every day, now I have more uniform glowing skin.
    I noticed the results very quickly with 2 weeks of using it. Even my friends and colleagues have notice it and have gotten so many compliments on my GLOW and i know it’s these products just doing their thing.
    My pigment have not completely disappeared but it is very much lighten. Thanks to Indulgence Beauty for their constant following up too.

  3. Caterine Tang

    Had been using this product for about 3 weeks now and I already notice the difference in my skin.
    The blemishes and hyperpigmentation is slowly fading away and my skin is definitely more glow and radiant now.

  4. Ngoc Thoa Nguyen

    I have been using this skin rebirth system for the past two months and saw that my pigments and dark spots have been lighten. Was recommend to use the retinol enhancer with nightlight and now feeling the glow on my skin.
    Had used many different brands of product but none give me this results, Very happy over all with this products.

  5. Renee Lui

    I had seen wonderful results in a pretty short time. It does lightened dark spots from my acne scars and pigments and gives my skin a radiant glow. Very happy with the product. Great sharing of the products information from Indulgence Beauty too, very informative and professional unlike some other salon.

  6. Lok Yi Sin

    I love MD Dermatics Skin Rebirth System and had used quite a few different brands before but didn’t have much success unlike the results by them. Had been using it for the past 3 years and would recommend to all..

  7. Alicia.C

    Wonderful product!!!

  8. Julie Tan

    I am absolutely thrilled by the results – in just 3 weeks my skin looked younger and had my pores diminished.

  9. Hong Nguyen

    After my pregnancy i see dark spot on my skin and after using 1 set, i see my skin back to a healthy glow!!

  10. Tan Li Ching

    Simply loves the compliments from my hubby and friends after using the skin rebirth set, love the porcelain glow so much. Thank you.

  11. Sophia Hunt

    Awesome product. I wish I had got to know this product earlier. Had began to notice a great difference in discoloration within days of use and has continues to improve. Was advice by Indulgence Beauty to use it with retinol enhancer and it really enhance the results. The past products i used dont have such efficacy.

  12. Steve Low

    I am a 28 years old male, had very bad acne scarring and blemish during my teens. Had been looking around for good product to treat my skin and chance upon a complimentary skin analysis from Indulgence Beauty and went for it. Had a very detail consultation by Anna ( Thumbs Up for her ) and she had recommended this skin rebirth set to me. Great recommendation!! She had coupled Revita Peel treatment for me and the results is tremendous !!

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