We are specialize in providing service excellence in skin care, beauty and clinical facial treatments. With our state of the art MD Dermatics Skin Care Product and technologies we treated many different skin conditions and imperfections .
We are passionate on restoring you to optimum skin health that standard beauty salons in Singapore just cannot achieve.

With our extensive knowledge and experience in skin health, coupled with the latest advancements in skin science puts you in the very best of hands and
our results speak for themselves.

Our personalized facial treatments and services are designed to be relaxing, enjoyable and make everyone feel completely at ease
whilst providing a high level of premier service.

The journey to beautiful skin begins here.

Our 4 Step Approach

Our commitment & Approach



We will work with you and help you to manage on salon and home care treatments regimen.



Based upon your skin concerns, desire results and skin assessment, we will recommend salon and home care treatments to address your skin concern, improve to your desire results and prevent them from recurring.



We believe in proper skin diagnosis with scientific accuracy, thus we will evaluate your skin with the latest medical-aesthetic grade computerized skin analysis machine from Korea.



We will listen and understand your skin concerns
And we will discuss about your desire results.