MD Dermatics Products To Use According To Your Skin Type

MD Dermatics Products To Use According To Your Skin Type

Did you know that using too many or the wrong skincare products could actually do more harm than good? Hence, choosing the right skincare products to use according to your skin type is vital to simplify the process so as to allow your skin barrier to heal, but to also tackle the right problems. 

MD Dermatics, a brand founded in 1997, combines the best of dermatological science and natural ingredients in its range of products to target specific skin concerns. So if you are looking for new skincare products to use according to your skin type, here are some to consider. 

Acne-prone skin

If you get frequent breakouts, you most probably have acne-prone skin. This means your pores tend to clog easily, making them susceptible to whiteheads, blackheads and pustules. Your skin may also look and feel oily to the touch, or is dehydrated. 

MD Dermatics Acne Cleansing Gel For Skincare

To tackle acne, choose products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to reduce swelling and redness, and unclog pores. The MD Dermatics Acne Cleansing Gel contains salicylic acid to effectively clear clogged sebaceous filaments without drying out the skin. It also cleanses away excess sebum for clearer and smoother skin. 

MD Dermatics Acne Spot Corrector For Wound Healing

Spot treatment is an effective way to prevent acne from worsening and swelling even more. Use the MD Dermatics Acne Spot Corrector to promote wound healing and prevent the spread of acne with its anti-viral properties. 

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be tricky as it essentially means your skin has reduced tolerance when it comes to skincare products and cosmetics. Thus, you have to be very careful with what you put on your skin, in order to prevent inflammation and allergies. 

MD Dermatics DayCalm Soothing Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin

When purchasing skincare products, look out for words like “hypoallergenic” and “dermatologist-tested”. The MD Dermatics DayCalm Soothing Moisturizer’s hypoallergenic formula means it was made with sensitivity in mind and uses ingredients that produce fewer allergic reactions. It provides deep hydration to soothe and calm sensitive skin too.

MD Dermatics Cucumber Gel Masque Best For Dry Skin

Masking is also a great way to moisturise the skin from deep within – preventing irritation that arises from dry skin. The MD Dermatics Cucumber Gel Masque has a gentle, cooling effect and uses herbal extract to reduce redness and inflammation. 

Dull skin

Notice that your skin looks lacklustre like lacking radiance and suppleness? Ten you probably have dull skin which is in need of some rejuvenation. The skincare products you use should brighten and exfoliate to unveil healthier and glowing skin. 

MD Dermatics Retinol Enhancer Best For Fading Hyperpigmentation

Retinol has been gaining popularity for its benefits, such as fading hyperpigmentation and stimulating the production of new blood vessels in the skin to improve and even out the skin tone. If you wish to jump on the bandwagon, try the MD Dermatics Retinol Enhancer, a beginner-friendly product to start off with. It contains 1% of retinol to enhance collagen production, smoothen the skin and even out pigmentation. 

MD Dermatics Clarifying Scrub Best For Dull Dead Skin Cells

Exfoliating is also important to remove dull dead skin cells. Use the MD Dermatics Clarifying Scrub to clear and unblock clogged pores while gently exfoliating. 

Dry skin

If you have dry skin, you may have noticed that frequent bathing, using harsh soaps and cold weather tend to make your skin feel drier. 

MD Dermatics HydraBoost Serum Best For Day And Night

To prevent that uncomfortable, tight feeling when your skin is too dry, apply a generous amount of moisturiser during the day and night. The MD Dermatics HydraBoost Serum is packed with vitamin B5 to attract and retain moisture, as well as increase the skin’s moisture retention ability. It also repairs and nourishes the skin. 

MD Dermatics Wrinkle Diffuser To Prevent Premature Ageing

Dry skin may exacerbate the appearance of wrinkles too, so use the MD Dermatics Wrinkle Diffuser to boost hydration and prevent premature ageing from worsening.

Ageing skin

It is natural for our skin to lose moisture, become rough and have wrinkles start appearing as we age. Although it is inevitable, one can always try to slow down the process by using anti-ageing skincare products. 

MD Dermatics C5 Vitamin C+E Serum5% To Maintain Youthful Skin

You may want to look for products that contain vitamin C, as it is a potent ingredient that can brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines at the same time. The MD Dermatics C5 Vitamin C+E Serum5% does just that while boosting collagen production for more youthful skin. 

Dermatics Eye Cream Essence To Prevent Signs Of Ageing

Our eyes are often the first to show any signs of ageing, no thanks to the thin and vulnerable skin surrounding them. Therefore, applying eye cream is a must, even from a young age! The MD Dermatics Eye Cream Essence treats excessive dryness and wrinkles around the eye areas and is one to consider. 

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