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How Stress Affects Your Skin & Why Going For An Extraction Facial May Help

How Stress Affects Your Skin & Why Going For An Extraction Facial May Help

Have you ever wondered why your skin tends to look duller and pimples start popping out whenever there is an important event coming up, such as an examination or job interview that you are nervous about? 

Well, that is because stress can take a toll on your skin. 

Read on to find out how stress plays a part and why going for an extraction facial may help. 

How does stress affect your skin?

Stress Can Cause Acne

Stress is one of the most common feelings people experience as we go through many ups and downs in our daily lives but in case you did not already know, our emotional health is highly interlinked to our body’s physical health and that is why when there is a change in your psychological state, skin issues can appear or flare up. 

This is mainly caused by your body’s sympathetic nervous system releasing stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. 

Cortisol, in particular, can result in increased oil production in your skin glands and lead to clogged pores; the ultimate culprit for acne. 

So if you feel that you are constantly stressed, it is time to do something about it because it does not just affect your emotional health, but also your skin health. 

Why does going for an extraction facial help?

Best Extraction Facial for Acne Breakouts

Albeit going for an extraction facial does not directly decrease your stress levels, it is still undoubtedly one of the best acne treatments available on the market that will help with any acne breakouts due to stress. 

The main goal of extraction facials is to extract gunk out of clogged pores to allow them to heal without scarring the skin, all while using products that aid in controlling sebum production so that acne breakouts are less likely to occur. 

The estheticians will start off by double cleansing your skin to ensure it is clean before extraction, followed by using a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. Steaming will be done to open up your pores before proceeding with the actual extraction. 

Estheticians performing the extraction facial are typically trained in gently manipulating the skin around the acne which will not cause too much pain, so there is no need to worry even if you have a low pain tolerance. 

Applying masks is also part of the extraction facial process and this step helps to unveil brighter and clearer skin. 

There is no need to be alarmed if you find your skin looking a bit reddish or swollen, as they will usually subside after a few hours. 

Facials are usually pampering and relaxing, and extraction facials are exactly the same! Thus, going for an extraction facial at least once a month may just help you to destress and acne breakouts will slowly begin to occur less too. 

Best extraction facial in Singapore

Close up on Extraction Facial

If you have no idea where to go for an extraction facial in Singapore, consider Indulgence Beauty.

Our Signature Extraction Treatment Facial is an effective solution for acne-prone skin and our estheticians are trained using only the advanced techniques of facial extraction to provide the best results. 

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