MD Dermatics

Frequently Asked Questions

MD Dermatics General

The Client’s entire face may have experienced a lightening effect as expected, causing the pigment to look darker. Clients are advised to double apply the whitening creams to the pigment area. This will be temporary and the skin tone should even out after a period of time
You are advised not to rub the cream after application. Instead a gentle tapping motion should help the products absorb better into the skin.
When you stop using the products prematurely, the skin renewal function is interrupted and the skin will return to the initial condition it was in before use. The results gotten from the use of products will visibly diminish over one to two months.
You may choose to progress to the maintenance range to maintain the results they have attained. Product usage need not continue indefinitely, but like any fitness program for the body, there has to be a good skincare regime to maintain the peak condition that was attained initially with the Skin Rebirth System.
Extended sun exposure is not recommended as it may lead to a variety of skin problems in the future. If sun exposure is unavoidable, you are recommended to apply a Sunscreen 20 minutes before exposure and repeat application every few hours or when needed.
Our product range has been carefully designed to provide a flexible yet effective solution to a wide range of problems. Each step focuses on different aspects of preparation, repair and protection and is important to meet the intended objectives.
The key difference lays in its overall effectiveness in addressing the concerns that patients face. The combination therapy method that we use has been endorsed by the American Academy of Dermatology. MD Dermatics will not be prescribed by Physicians/Medical Professionals if they do not meet the required standard in the medical field.
By using less cream as directed, the expected results may not even occur and you may even have nullified any effect the set should bring.

MD Dermatics Skin Rebirth System

The MD Dermatics Skin Rebirth System is suitable for all genders, ages and skin types. The system is customisable by your skin consultants to suit your particular needs and requirements.
We will advise that customers who has just undergone abrasive or ablative treatments like peeling, lasers might show some sensitivity to using the Skin Rebirth System immediately. We will advise to just use the cleanser, toner and sunblock until a few weeks later before embarking on the full program.
As the Skin Rebirth System encourages accelerated skin renewal and exfoliation, some customers may feel some dryness and redness. This is perfectly normal and should be expected for a minority of customers. This does not represent any allergy or problem with the product.

Once tolerance has reached, this minor reaction will go away. Speak to us to find out more.

Our products have been used by thousands of clients worldwide with no reported case of safety arising from the continued use of the product. We recommend users of the Skin Rebirth System to stop after 9 months to allow the skin to rest and to prevent tolerance to the ingredients to the system. Speak to us to find out more.

MD Dermatics Advanced Acne System

Depending on your acne severity, the Indulgence Beauty will advise you how many products you may need. For most acne cases, the 3 core products and a sunblock will be required. For more severe cases, additional products may be recommended.
We do not recommend mixing products due to the dermatological grade ingredients listed. You may finish using your products before embarking on our system.
Depending on the level of sensitivity, we may advice you to swap the cleanser or toner with our daily use C-Cleanse or Soothing Splash toner.
Our Customers with Acne see improvements from the very first week, but it may not be applicable to all. Follow the instructions carefully and expected results may start from the first week. Do allow time for the Acne to completely heal.

MD Dermatics Glow White System

Both products were designed to be used for the body, but avoid using PureWhite for the face. We have more suitable moisturizers specifically designed for face use.
You can use both PureGlow and PureWhite for the body while you use the Skin Rebirth System for the face. DO NOT use both systems for the face at the same time.
For PureGlow, perform a patch test first to determine if you are able to use the products. You may wish to use a small amount of PureGlow to try first.
Some of our customers see brightening improvement from the very first time they use PureGlow and PureWhite combination. Results may differ from person to person.

MD Dermatics Revitapeel

You can use MD Dermatics RevitaPeel as often as you want. The typical program will be 3, 6 or 12 times with 2 weeks rest time in between each treatment.

However, speak to our consultant before embarking on any of these programs.

We recommend new users to begin with a patch test, followed by a maximum of 2 layers MD Dermatics RevitaPeel.

Our therapist will increase this up to 4-5 layers after subsequent treatments.

Most users will feel a warm or tingling sensation on their skin after application, however this will go away after a while. There are no other reported case of adverse reactions aside from this.
We do not recommend mixing MD Dermatics RevitaPeel with other brands or products. You may use MD Dermatics RevitaPeel before and during the MD Dermatics Skin Rebirth System program. Always wait approximately 3 to 5 days after MD Dermatics RevitaPeel before switching to MD Dermatics Skin Rebirth System or vice versa.
You should see some mild improvements from the first treatment.

However, all users skin are different, so expect some differing results. Like with any products, always follow instructions carefully and be reasonable with results expected.

MD Dermatics SkinPlus Brilliance

MD Dermatics has over 20 years of skin experience and have taken that experience and formulated a nutraceutical product designed to work specifically with our skin health products.
There are plenty of generic collagen ingredients that have been unsubstantiated by human clinical studies. MD Dermatics SkinPlus Brilliance ingredients that have been tested in multiple clinical trials and are protected by patents.
Collagen is the most predominant protein found in the body. Collagen Type I/III is meant for the skin and Type II is for the articular cartilage.
Research has shown that Collagen Type II stimulates the biosynthesis from the chondrocytes and daily consumption of MD Dermatics SkinPlus Brilliance increases collagen content in the skin.
This suggests that MD Dermatics SkinPlus Brilliance can increase all collagen types (I, II & III) found in the joint, skin and other connective tissues.
Anyone can benefit from consuming MD Dermatics SkinPlus Brilliance daily. Daily stress, age and physical activity will affect our ability to provide our body with nutritional raw materials to support our connective tissue health.
MD Dermatics SkinPlus Brilliance should be an essential nutritional component for those wanting to remain healthy throughout their life.
MD Dermatics’ skin health products have had successful results these past 20 years, and if you have been a user, you’ll understand our commitment to providing effective results.
MD Dermatics SkinPlus Brilliance was designed to achieve additional results not attainable just by using topical creams
MD Dermatics SkinPlus Brilliance achieves such results from within, affecting your hair, nails, joints and the skin on your entire body. Furthermore, as we grow older, collagen production is decreased, and MD Dermatics SkinPlus Brilliance will help replenish this vital component.
MD Dermatics SkinPlus Brilliance gets to work from the first dosage you take. Those who are consistent with their intake can start to see and feel results within 6 weeks onwards.
Take 2 capsules per day with a meal either in the morning or evening at your convenience. For best intended results, take MD Dermatics SkinPlus Brilliance on a daily and continuous basis without stopping prematurely.
The 2 capsule dosage has been careful studied and recommended by laboratory to match your daily intake. Any more or less may deem unexpected results.
If unopened, MD Dermatics SkinPlus Brilliance is good for 2 years. Once opened, we recommend completing the contents within 3 months.
Though our product is safe, as always, we recommend pregnant ladies or mums who are breastfeeding to consult with your Physician before taking any supplements.

MD Dermatics Moisturizer

Always apply the least viscous product (water like) to the most viscous product (cream) in this order.
You may use up to twice a day, however avoid over moisturizing your skin.
MD Dermatics moisturizers are designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
MD Dermatics Oxygen Therapy is recommended if you are prone to acne.
MD Dermatics DayCalm will be suitable during cold weather trips.

MD Dermatics Mask

MD Dermatics masks may be used once a day daily with no adverse reactions. Avoid if you have oily skin.
We do not recommend mixing products due to the dermatological grade ingredients listed. You may finish using your products before embarking on our MD Dermatics system.
Yes, our MD Dermatics masks are designed for sensitive skin.
Yes, MD Dermatics masks may be used during any of MD Dermatics treatment phase to calm and soothe the skin. Do speak to our consultants before embarking on such a treatment program.

MD Dermatics Sun Protection Complex

Follow these simple rules:
1. Apply once in the morning and once before lunchtime.
2. If you go out during the afternoon, reapply a 3rd or 4th time.
3. Reapply after swimming or after a vigorous activity.
4. Reapply whenever necessary.
We recommend to use a generous amount, which is approximately 1 full teaspoon for your entire face and neck.
If you use too little, protection is insufficient and problems will arise.
It stands for Sun Protection Factor, which multiplies the SPF number with the time each individual can spend in the sun before turning dark. This is just a guideline and only represents UVB protection.
Do not use this as benchmark for the strength of sunblocks in the market. An SPF100 sunblock may not work as well as a good sunblock with only SPF40.
Our SPF40 and 45 are strong sunblocks and are highly recommended by Dermatologists to their patients.