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Face Mapping: Acne On Certain Areas & Their Meanings

Face Mapping Acne On Certain Areas and Their Meanings

Ever heard of face mapping and wondered what it means? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our face reflects our body’s inner health status as each facial area is associated with different organ systems. 

Although the main culprits of acne are often an overproduction of sebum and certain skincare habits, TCM believes that imbalances in the body can cause blemishes and acne. 

Regardless of whether you believe in TCM or not, it would not hurt to take note of what your acne could be telling you so you can work on your skin from the inside out. Additionally, you may also wish to go for an extraction facial in Singapore to complement the changes you will be making to your lifestyle for quicker results. 

Read on to find out more about acne face mapping. 

1. Forehead – stress, diet, lack of sleep

The forehead is associated with the heart, small intestine and liver. Hence, internal heat produced in these systems caused by stress, a poor diet or lack of sleep can result in breakouts on or around the forehead. 

Having a balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables, getting adequate sleep and managing your stress levels by listening to music or meditating are some of the ways to prevent future breakouts on the forehead. 

Going for an extraction facial so that your skin’s sebum level can be controlled and gunk in your pores can be extracted will also work hand in hand with these new lifestyle habits. 

2. Cheeks – digestive issues, poor respiratory health, external factors

The upper cheeks are closely linked to the stomach while the lower cheeks are linked to the lungs and liver. Hence, acne on your cheeks could point to issues with your digestive and respiratory system such as sinuses and allergies. 

On the other hand, the cheeks are also susceptible to external factors that can cause acne, such as dirty pillow sheets and handphones, and even maskne. 

Try to wash your bed sheets frequently and disinfect your handphone regularly. Read our tips on how to keep maskne at bay.

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3. Chin and jawline – hormonal imbalance

The chin and jawline area is associated with the kidney and according to TCM, the hormonal imbalances are caused by deficiencies in the kidney and liver systems. Therefore, you may notice more pimples popping up around the area when your period is nearing, or during pregnancy when excess hormones are produced. 

While this is unavoidable, you can try sleeping earlier to nourish your kidney. 

Alternatively, go for an extraction facial before or after menstruation to give your skin some much-needed pampering. 

4. Nose – digestive issues, constipation

Poor bowel movements and constipation can lead to poor detoxification which shows up in the form of acne on the nose, and is usually caused by overindulgence of deep-fried and spicy food. 

It is recommended that you cut down on unhealthy foods and increase your fibre intake through fruits and vegetables to ease your bowel movements. 

5. Hairline – a buildup of products

While acne appearing around the hairline is not closely related to a certain organ system, it could be due to the use of makeup and hair products that result in a buildup of sebum and bacteria when not removed properly. 

Make sure to remove any makeup and hair products thoroughly every day and use only non-comedogenic ones. 

You can also go for an extraction facial where double cleansing will be done to remove all traces of makeup and dirt left on the skin and the hairline area. 

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While making certain lifestyle habits will help to improve acne, results tend to show up slower and require more patience. So if you are looking for a quicker method to combat acne, consider going for Indulgence Beauty’s Signature Extraction Treatment Facial

Our estheticians are trained using only the advanced techniques of facial extraction that involve using the fingers to manipulate the skin around the clogged pores. This prevents scarring and injuring the skin compared to using a metal extractor. 

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