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Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment also known as ( Oxygen Anti-Acne Facial Treatment ) is the easiest way to get healthy skin to glows. This Oxygen facial hydrates, nourishes and restores a dead, dull complexion turning it soft and glowing. This is the first step to a flawless complexion.The Oxi Liqui Facial Treatment – Combines air and sterile saline which is delivered like an airbrush treatment.

While the average extraction facials in Singapore are a dime a dozen, our facials incorporate the latest technology to help your skin be in its best possible condition. Contact us today to get Oxi Liqui Facial Treatment.

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 Treatment Steps

  • Double Cleanse – Removes make-up, prep skin for facial treatment.
  • Skin Analysis – Identify your skin characteristics and conditions by taking 2 digital images (1 Natural and 1 Ultra-violet).
  • Light Exfoliating – To remove dead and dull skin.
  • Face Steaming.
  •  Extraction – Removal of whiteheads/blackheads.
  • Oxi Liqui Facial Treatment – Combines air and sterile saline which is delivered like an airbrush treatment. This gentle cleansing unclog pores and removes dirt/make-up
  • Jade Ball Face Massage – Jade rollers reduce face puffiness and drain the body of toxins.
  • Customised mask for individual skin needs.

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I enjoyed the treatment tremendously as it was absolutely relaxing. I badly needed a luxurious treatment such as that after a tough week. After the treatment, I felt rejuvenated, my tense muscle felt loosened and I feel re-energized. My friends and colleagues ought to try this. I would definitely recommend it.
Janet Sim
Wedding Planner
Immediately after the treatment, I felt that my face was deeply hydrated and squeaky clean! The facial effectively addressed my skin dryness, visible blackheads and whiteheads and other impurities. Of course, I would recommend all my friends to try out this facial. It is unlike any other facial I have tried before!
Joanne Laurilla
Business Manager
I would like to commend the therapist as she was very professional throughout the treatment. The entire process was very relaxing and comfortable. I even fell asleep at some point. I like the treatment as it decreased oil on my face and reduced acne inflammation. I have tried this treatment before here in Indulgence Beauty and the oil-controlling effects laster up to 3 weeks.
Chung Tze Khit
Gold's Gym Director
"Pampering my skin at indulgence beauty again with the oxy-jet treatment"
Andee Chua, International Model
"The skin health analysis is mainly to diagnose what is the real problem of your skin before deciding what treatments suit your skin best"
Celine Chiam, Top Beauty and Fashion Blogger
"I can't wait for my next facial session at Indulgence Beauty!"
Patricia Tee, Top Beauty, Fitness and Travel Blogger
"Been a long time since I had a really good facial"
Vanessa Tan, Top Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger
"My skin felt cleaner, suppler and hydrated after facial. My pores are less clogged after extraction and the suction of impurities and bacteria on my face. It was a very much needed relaxing session after a hectic day at work."
Jean Gan, Top beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger
"My face is visibly clearer, and smoother. For once, my forehead is free of bumpy clogs! This treatment gives INSTANT results, you can feel and see the difference when you look into the mirror."
Bethia Wee, NutriGirl 2015 Champion, NutriGirl 2015 Best Physique Award
I have never ever seen such an amazing difference to my face, this treatment left my skin glowing and plumped up
Chanee Yap
it's been a month since the last session and I definitely can see significant difference!
Hazel Wee

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