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Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment.

Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment is uniquely formulated in Japan to deliver a flawless clear skin with luminous inner glow. After years of research, we’ve developed our own active formula with holistic approach to unravel a wide range of skin pigmentation issues with no lasers, invasive procedures and light machines involved. The gentle yet effective result is a brighterlighter and illuminated skin.

Our 4 Step Approach

Our commitment & Approach

Best Facial Treatment Singapore


Understanding your skin concerns and desired results will help us to come up with a solution that can benefit you. As we know that certain skin problems can be demoralising, we will do our best to provide a meaningful consultation that can help you.

Singapore Best Facial Treatment


As we believe in proper skin diagnosis with scientific accuracy, your skin will be evaluated with the latest medical-aesthetic grade computerised skin analysis machine from Korea.

Extraction Facial Singapore


Based on your skin concerns, desired results and skin assessment, we will recommend salon treatments and home care treatments to address your skin concerns. With our facial treatments, including extraction facials, you will be one step closer to achieving your desired results and prevent your skin problems from recurring.

Best Extraction Facial


You will learn how to manage your skin through a home care treatment regimen, and how to resolve your skin concerns.


FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence, a name synonymous with high standards for professionalism, customer care and treatments. There is no compromise on FIL’s five core brand values of service, quality, professionalism, advanced technology and effective results – the epitome of the FIL experience. FIL’s extensive range of holistic treatments attends to the mind, body and spirit. Its expertise in skin refining and physique contouring has garnered numerous prestigious awards for their effective results.

 FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence is a member of Global Medi Aesthetics Group (GMAG) which is one of Singapore’s largest beauty group that owns and manages multiple established beauty brand and wellness brands in Singapore and other neighbouring countries.

Facial Treatment : Best Extraction Facial in Singapore

We are passionate about helping you to restore your skin to optimal skin health that the average beauty salons in Singapore cannot achieve. With our extensive experience and knowledge in skin health, coupled with the latest advancements in skin science, you will be in the very best of hands. Our excellent results are easily apparent, with many satisfied customers leaving positive reviews regarding our services.


At Indulgence Beauty, we adopt and are trained using only the advanced techniques facial extraction that involve using the fingers to manipulate the skin around the clogged pores. Clogged pores and blackheads are no match for the experience eyes and expert hands of our therapists, making Indulgence Beauty the rock stars when providing the best extraction facial treatment in Singapore


Customized Treatment Facials are the best defence against premature aging skin by preventing dehydration and collagen breakdown. Our skin conditions then vary from day to day, therefore we customized our treatment facials to treat your skin’s needs. These Customized treatment facials will nourish and hydrate your skin leaving it looking healthy and rejuvenated.


Oxy Liqui Treatment Facial is the easiest way to get healthy skin to glows. This facial hydrates, nourishes and restores a dead, dull complexion turning it soft and glowing. This is the first step to a flawless complexion. This facial also dramatically fights acne and reduces scarring, giving a clear, fresh look to the skin. Proven to eliminate imperfections and fight bacteria associated with acne, restoring hormonal balance.

Some of Our Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Flawless Clear Skin

  • Luminous Inner Glow

  • Proper Skin Diagnosis

  • Various Facial Treatments

  • Revitalise Your Skin

  • Most Effective Products

  • Enjoyable and Relaxing

  • Professional Team

  • Best of Hands

  • Excellent Results

  • Latest Medical-Aesthetic Grade

  • Meaningful Consultation

How Our Acne Treatment Work

Our In-Salon Acne Treatment Facials consist of;

  • to exfoliate the dead skin cell so that MD Dermatics home care products can better penetrate and clean the pores
  • to hydrate the skin and prevent it from over drying thus causing more dead skin cell.
  • extraction on the existing acne impactions like the black heads and white heads
  • killing acne bacterium ‘P Acne’ inside the pore

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Understanding your skin concerns and desired results will help us to come up with a solution that can benefit you. As we know that certain skin problems can be demoralising, we will do our best to provide a meaningful consultation that can help you.

We will help you achieve your SKINCARE GOALS

While the average extraction treatment facials in Singapore are a dime a dozen, our facials incorporate the latest technology to help your skin be in its best possible condition. Apart from our signature extraction treatment facial, another one of the many facial treatments we provide is the Oxy Liqui Treatment facial to help resolve a multitude of skin concerns at the same time.

Clients Reviews: We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our Customers. When you visit us, You leave your Skin worries at the gate forever. For us Client is the King, if the King is Happy – We are Happy. With over 250 users and counting, you cannot go wrong at Indulgence Beauty. Check out what our Clients are saying about our Indulgence Skin Care Treatment!

I enjoyed the treatment tremendously as it was absolutely relaxing. I badly needed a luxurious treatment such as that after a tough week. After the treatment, I felt rejuvenated, my tense muscle felt loosened and I feel re-energized. My friends and colleagues ought to try this. I would definitely recommend it.
Janet Sim, Wedding Planner
Taking the best of traditional remedies and technological advances, this face therapy is a multi-action approach in achieving beautiful skin. This two-part facial treatment includes micro-current therapy which delivers safe, painless and electrical impulses to firm and tone skin.”
Joanne Laurilla, Business Manager
I would like to commend the therapist as she was very professional throughout the treatment. The entire process was very relaxing and comfortable. I even fell asleep at some point. I like the treatment as it decreased oil on my face and reduced acne inflammation. I have tried this treatment before here in Indulgence Beauty and the oil-controlling effects laster up to 3 weeks.
Chung Tze Khit, Gold's Gym Director

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