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Acne Management: Maskne – 5 Skincare Tips to Keep Maskne at Bay

A Woman Pointing At Her Maskne

It has been more than a year since the world started wearing a face mask in public. 

But even if a face mask shields us from virus transmission, it does not protect us from acne. Wearing a face mask the whole day only puts a toll on our skin, which often causes maskne. 

What exactly is maskne anyway?

The word maskne comes from “mask” and “acne”. It is a widespread skin problem that began in 2020, and it is a common side effect of wearing a face mask for long hours daily. 

While it is possible to get rid of maskne by getting an acne facial, the result still depends on you. Know that whatever you do afterwards has an impact on how your skin would look. 

To keep maskne at bay, you should know its causes and how you can prevent it from happening.

Why Does Maskne Occur?

To clear things up: maskne is not always related to acne. As mentioned above, it can be a possible outcome of using a face mask for prolonged hours. The cause of maskne may vary from one person to another. 

But in most cases, maskne occurs when oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria accumulate more quickly as you wear a face mask. The mask also traps humidity and droplets, further contributing to the perfect condition for acne to form. 

Who Is Prone to Maskne?

Maskne can happen to anybody of any skin type but those who suffer from skin conditions like rosacea are more vulnerable to developing it. 

That is why if you fall into this category, you should know how to manage and prevent maskne. Besides getting an acne facial in Singapore, you should also be mindful of your daily routine. 

5 Ways to Manage and Prevent Maskne

To help you out, follow the tips below. Doing so would ensure minimal risk of maskne breakout. 

1. Level up your skincare routine

Since maskne is the new acne, you should use acne treatment products. Doing so would help clear your skin. But before you use or apply anything on your face, ask a dermatologist which kind of product is suitable for your skin type. Note that using the right one would help get rid of maskne more. 

2. Wash your reusable masks

If you are using a fabric face mask, you need to wash it after every use before wearing it again. Otherwise, the dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and bacteria on it would only harbour more bacteria, which is not great for your skin. 

3. Change disposable masks often

Do you use a disposable mask, such as a surgical one or N95? If that is the case, make sure to change it with a new mask once it gets sweaty or dirty to prevent letting bacteria thrive, which will in turn cause maskne. 

4. Take a break from makeup

Since maskne often happens because of clogged pores, try skipping wearing makeup for a while. Skipping this part in your daily routine would give your skin a chance to breathe. For best results, get an acne facial in Singapore while you take a break from makeup. 

5. Apply acne cream

To prevent irritation caused by wearing a face mask, try applying an acne cream on your face an hour before you wear it. Make sure to use this product along with a moisturiser with ceramides to lock in your skin’s moisture level.

What Else Can You Do When You Have Maskne?

Besides letting your face rest for a few days without wearing a face mask, it would be best to get acne treatment in Singapore once in a while. Doing so would help bring back your flawless skin, and reduce the occurrences of maskne.

If you need help getting rid of your maskne, purchase our acne treatment products in Singapore. They can solve your skin problems and improve your complexion in no time.