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A Guide to Skin Characteristics: 7 Habits That Could be Making Your Oily Skin Even Oilier

A Girl Washing Her Face

A dewy and glowing skin—that is the dream complexion every girl wants to have. 

The bad news is that not all women fall into this category. Some have too much shine on their face that often seem greasy, mainly in the t-zone, which involves the forehead, nose bridge, and chin. As such, they feel uncomfortable, especially in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

Ask anyone with oily skin and they will probably lament about their daily struggles managing it. 

But these ladies should know that getting an acne facial is not enough to have flawless and healthy skin. They should also keep in mind that their skincare habits could also be one of the causes why their skin gets oilier.

While sebum keeps the moisture in and environmental irritants at bay, too much of it can lead to acne breakouts. Here’s a list of things that can make oily skin oilier, so make sure you avoid doing them. 

  • Washing your face multiple times a day

A common misconception when it comes to oily skin is that the more sebum there is on your face, the more you have to cleanse it. However, washing it more than twice a day could strip away its natural oils. This results in your sebaceous glands generating more sebum than necessary to overcompensate, which does more harm than good in the long run. 

  • Skimping on moisturiser

Regardless of your skin type, never forget to apply moisturiser. Moisturisers might seem like the last thing you want on your face when you already have oily skin, but applying an adequate amount will help to keep your skin healthy and protect it from irritants such as dust. Moisturisers also improve the skin’s hydration, improving elasticity, plumpness and resiliency. That is why the dermatologist will always encourage you to add it to your skincare routine even when getting an acne facial in Singapore where there is often a misconception that moisturisers must be kept to a minimum.

  • Exfoliating too much

Even though exfoliating removes dead skin cells and unclog pores, overdoing it can be bad for any skin type. Not only does it strip away the natural oils on the skin, but it could also cause skin damage. To prevent these from happening, remember to only exfoliate your skin two to three times a week max. 

  • Using the wrong products

To combat oily skin, you will need to use the appropriate acne treatment products in Singapore. Using the wrong products will in turn make your skin suffer and not help with the oiliness. Make sure to consult a dermatologist if you are unsure instead of trying everything you find online. 

  • Forgetting to apply primer

It’s annoying when makeup starts smudging halfway through the day because of your oily skin, so it’s important to never forget to apply a primer prior to makeup application. The right primer will mattify the skin while smoothing fine lines and reducing the appearance of pores. 

  • Tone down on your toner

Although applying toner can help get rid of any remaining dirt, makeup and impurities left on your face, using too much can cause dryness. And when your skin is dry, it produces more oil. That is why you should only use toner sparingly and consider applying alcohol-free ones. 

  • Letting stress take over your life

Stress releases hormones like cortisol, which causes increased oil production and can lead to clogged pores and acne. Try to manage your stress levels to prevent this from happening.


Avoid these bad habits, so your oily skin will not get worse. If you think you need help or want to learn more about oily skin, do not hesitate to get in touch with Indulgence Beauty and try our acne treatment products in Singapore!