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5 Signs Your Skin Is Need Of An Extraction Facial & Where To Go For One In Singapore

5 Signs Your Skin Is Need Of An Extraction Facial & Where To Go For One In Singapore

A common misconception many have when it comes to facials is that only once or twice of treatment is needed per year. This could be due to reasons such as the lack of knowledge or simply hoping to save money. 

If you have skin that is generally healthy, then this may be true as you will only require maintenance. However, if you are dealing with skin conditions such as acne, going for regular facials will prove to be more beneficial. 

One of the best acne treatments in Singapore is going for an extraction facial – it has been tried and tested to be effective in keeping pimples at bay, as long as it is done consistently. 

It may be challenging to ascertain when your skin requires a facial but did you know there are subtle signs to look out for? Simply pay attention to them and you will notice some differences in your skin pointing to the fact that it is time for an extraction facial

1. Breakouts

This may sound like a no-brainer but if you observe pimples or acne appearing on your skin, then it is advisable to book your next extraction facial appointment soon. Our advice is to not wait till they worsen but to go for a facial as soon as you notice bumps. Although certain pimples may not be “ripe” enough to be popped professionally, at least the products and machines used will help to reduce swelling and prevent them from becoming infected. 

Best Extraction Facial For Dull Skin

2. Dull skin

You are probably thinking that an extraction facial entails just removing the gunk in your pores, but exfoliation will usually be done before the actual extraction, allowing brighter skin to peek through before your pores are cleansed. Therefore, if you notice your skin is looking lacklustre, going for an extraction facial will help to improve its appearance. 

3. Patchy makeup

There may be tiny bumps on your skin that are not as noticeable with the naked eye but are only more visible when makeup is applied, as it tends to accentuate any texture. So if you notice any patchiness after applying makeup, then it probably means that there are flaky skin and micro bumps that need to be eliminated. It is important to go for an extraction facial to exfoliate away any of that flakiness and extract the sebum causing the bumps as leaving them alone only allows them to exacerbate. 

4. Skincare not working

Ever invested in an expensive skincare product, in hopes that it would salvage your skin, only to not see any improvements? Well, that could be due to a layer of dead skin that makes it hard for the product to penetrate deeply into the dermis to work its magic. That is why going for an extraction facial is vital, as it helps to deeply exfoliate both the epidermis and pores, allowing your skin to reap all the benefits from the products you use. 

Acne Facial Treatment Not Working

5. Blackheads

Blackheads are perhaps one of the biggest reasons why one would go for an extraction facial and rightly so as it is a great way to unclog the pores. The end result is smoother, clearer and brighter skin that allows for effortless makeup application. However, take note that whiteheads are typically left alone as these comedones can cause impurities to spread, resulting in more breakouts. 

Where to get an extraction facial in Singapore

Consider Indulgence Beauty, a one-stop beauty centre for all kinds of facial treatments. We specialise in extraction facials with a visible difference in just one session. Our estheticians are also trained using only the advanced techniques of facial extraction to provide the best and most painless experience possible. 

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